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Professional and Consultative IT Services

The best products deserve the best services....

Collective has delivered more than 6,000,000 hours of professional and consultative services to address the complex IT infrastructure needs of many of the world's most mission critical IT environments. More than half of those hours were delivered in partnership with and under the brands of our Technology Partners - leading IT hardware and software vendors, Large VARs, Global Systems Integrators and Managed Service Providers, all of whom rely upon Collective to implement and manage their most complex products at their most demanding customers.

With deep expertise in servers, storage, backup and recovery, virtualization, cloud-based computing, and data center services, we are experts at IT infrastructure design, implementation and operations. We hire and deploy only the top technologists and our culture is built around the Collective Intellect - the hive mind concept that allows our best and brightest to collaborate, share and learn from every engagement and to use this knowledge to craft ever improving process, methodology and technology.

Partnering is in our DNA. We know how to work within your system, follow your process and promote your brand. Collective's highly professional services team is selected for both technical acumen and strong consultative skills. Our intense focus on project management ensures that every engagement runs smoothly, completes on time and within budget and results in the kind of end-client satisfaction that creates loyal customers and repeat buyers. Most importantly, all of Collective's success accrues to your brand not ours. We prosper only by making your products and services succeed in the eyes of your customers.

Working together, we can supplement your Professional Services team to handle peak demand, spearhead the roll out of your latest products , backfill your own key service employees so they can focus on new product sales or simply help you deliver additional services revenue without the need for increasing headcount.

Whether you need short term consulting for product implementation or long term on-site Resident Consultants to manage and operate your technology at a customer site, Collective has a flexible and affordable service model that will map to your particular needs.

Consulting Services:Short to mid-term technical expert to help deliver on a critical project.
On-Site Residencies:Engage one of our engineers to assist on-site with on-going operations or long term projects.
Remote Residencies:Remote expertise with collaborative support from the Collective Intellect.
Right to Hire:On-Site consultant with the option to convert to full time employment.
Full time Hire:Utilize Collective's recruiting process to find and hire full time employees.

Contact us today to learn more about how Collective can help you address all your critical IT consulting and staffing needs.