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The power of Automation

... applied to the challenge of Outsourcing Enterprise Backup Operations






RAMP™ finds and fixes up to 70% of common backup job failures within seconds, without human intervention.


Enterprise scale data protection is a hugely complex and critical task.  Managing a single large backup environment is challenge enough but trying to manage multiple customers’ backup environments simultaneously can be an even more daunting task.  Yet Systems Integrators, Managed Service Providers and Outsourcing companies must face this challenge every day.   Customers come to you to solve the problems that can’t solve themselves and consistent backup operation success is high on that list.


With each customer environment being unique, different backup software products being used and the difficulties inherent in remote management, it’s hard to achieve any consistent economy of scale.  Often, you end up throwing people at the job while watching your margins shrink as you struggle to meet your SLAs.  Without the right technology leverage, all you’ve done is inherit others peoples’ problems.


Now, for the first time, the solution to tackle this problem is available – RAMP.


RAMP is a cloud managed appliance purpose built to address the challenge of complex Backup Operations. RAMP surrounds your backup operations team with an Expert System that uses sophisticated monitoring and decision making capability to recognize and remediate the sources of potential backup job failures– all within a matter of seconds and without the need for human intervention. When escalation to humans is warranted, RAMP’s powerful Backup Operations Expert System guides them toward successful resolutions quickly and easily.  


Built on an object framework, a single RAMP appliance can monitor and manage backup operations for multiple customers and thousands of backup clients, enabling you to achieve a consistent 99+% backup success rate while guaranteeing customers’ mission critical data is available for restore when needed.


Deploying RAMP results in:

·         80% reduction in Level 1 support costs

·         50% reduction in Level 2 support costs

·         Greatly enhanced reporting capabilities

·         Faster ticket resolution times

·         Full attainment of backup operational goals


Available as either a physical or virtual appliance, RAMP’s agentless technology works seamlessly with your customers’ existing backup and recovery infrastructure, often requiring no significant modifications to the environment.   RAMP works in concert with every popular enterprise backup software environment (NetBackup, Networker, Avamar, Commvault, and NetVault).


Armed with the power of Collective’s RAMP, your backup operations team can finally provide the enhanced service, better reporting, proactive management and constant architectural improvements your customers entrust to you.  You can offer and deliver SLA’s that result in real protection for their critical corporate data; 99+% backup success and 100% restore on demand.  No more lost data, no more burned out backup operators.  With RAMP in your arsenal you can deliver consistent backup certainty – the way it should be.

RAMP Features


Auto-Remediation RAMP’s ability to automatically detect, diagnose, and resolve up to 70% of the most common backup failures without the need for human intervention.

Proactive Problem Detection & Resolution RAMP interacts with the backup system to screen for environmental issues that could affect successful backup completion.  These ‘pre-flight’ checks examine the status of items that could potentially inhibit backup jobs from succeeding such as connectivity issues, service availability and media server status prior to starting a backup job.  If an issue does occur, RAMP either fixes the issue automatically or parks the job and escalates to your backup team.  Once the issue is resolved the backup job is resumed and monitored to completion.

Advanced Detailed Reporting RAMP constantly monitors the backup environment and a larger of set of meta-data for longer periods of time than most backup systems.  This results in superior reporting capabilities and the ability to provide trending analysis to strategically improve backup system performance and customer experience.

Single Pane of Glass Expert SystemRAMP empowers your team with a single pane of glass expert system, allowing the management of multiple vendor backup software through one simple, powerful and consistent interface.  The expert system gathers essential environmental and systems information and presents this data along with fully populated trouble tickets to your team for efficient problem diagnosis and resolution.  Backup engineers are presented with a push button GUI interface that allows them to gather data, assess issues and solve problems with a just a few clicks of the mouse – all without the need for deep backup product expertise.

Training & Support – Collective provides a full array of support options including:  training on the RAMP systems interface, custom Auto-Remediation scripting, on-going RAMP appliance support, and custom report generation.


RAMP Value Proposition

For Backup Operators: No more sleepless nights, never-ending backup job alerts flooding your inbox and redundant low-level failures that require the same fix, over and over again.  RAMP’s Auto-Remediation capability will find and fix the majority of backup job failure sources before they cause jobs to fail leaving you free to focus on solving problems that warrant your attention.

For IT Management: Gain the comfort of knowing your customers’ critical data is protected and available for restore when needed.  With RAMP’s powerful reporting capability you will always have your finger on the exact performance of their backup environments.  With RAMP doing the “heavy lifting” of daily backups, your existing operations team will be able to support the needs of many more customers while achieving or exceeding even the most stringent SLA requirements. 

For Financial Management:  Deploying RAMP will result in immediate and measurable Op Ex cost improvement. With an 80% reduction in Level 1 and a 50% reduction in Level 2 costs, the savings are significant. Moreover, your ability to meet SLA and compliance reporting requirements will be greatly enhanced.  As a cloud managed appliance, RAMP capability is delivered as a highly affordable monthly managed service that requires no capital expense and little upfront cost to implement. Most importantly, you gain the certainty of knowing that your customers’ critical corporate data is fully protected and available on demand.